RideTech Small Overload Style Compressor Kit

RID 30111500
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Small “overload” style compressor system - Used mainly for AirOverLeaf or overload type applications where speed not important. No tank needed.

System Includes:

1 ARC1550 215 compressor (with plug for 1 port)
1 CON1500 single control panel with electrical switch
1 ARL2000 30 feet of DOT 1/4" airline
1 FIT2100 1/8” pipe x 1/4" airline straight fitting
1 FIT4400 1/4" airline tee DOT
1 WIR5000 fuse holder with cap
1 WIR5020 20 amp fuse
1 MISC1001 2” hold down clamp



Instructions (30111500.pdf, 176 Kb) [Download]    [View]