FiTech Go EFI 4 600 HP Power Adder System Master Kit w/ Inline Fuel Pump- Black

FIT 31004
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The Go EFI Power Adder 600HP Kit is for the enthusiast that demands more from his system or is planning a future upgrade! This system is capable of 25 lbs of Boost right out of the box and can be used in a blow thru turbo or blower application or on a single roots style supercharger. You can also run a single stage of Wet Nitrous and control your A/F as well as Ignition timing.

This system has all of the self tuning features you expect from the Go EFI systems with the extra PRO Features needed for higher output engines. Annular Swirl Discharge fuel distribution as well as Nitrous and Boost timing retard features make this a perfect choice for your Power Adder engine or your normally aspirated engine if you are considering future upgrades.

The Fuel Delivery Kit includes an EFI grade 255 L/PH inline external fuel pump that is suitable for engines making up to 600 HP. (Note that some of our EFI kits are limited to less than 750 HP due to maximum usable injector sizes). This kit also includes 20-feet of EFI grade fuel hose suitable for both the inlet and return lines between the fuel tank and the engine. The kit includes two billet fuel filters. The filters include a 100 micron pre-filter and a 30 micron post filter. The hose and hose ends are push lock style for easy assembly. The hose is high pressure EFI grade.

Kit Includes: 

Die Cast Throttle Body
 Handheld Controller
 Windshield Mount
 (4) Hi-Flow 600 HP injectors
 Built-in pressure regulator
 2.5 BAR Internal MAP Sensor
 Throttle Position Sensor
 Idle Air Control
 Coolant Temp Sensor
 Wide band O2 Sensor
 O2 Bung Kit
 -06AN Fuel Inlet Fitting
 Gasket Kit

Inline Fuel Pump 255 L/PH External Inline Pump
 EFI Pre and Post Fuel Filters
 20′ of -6 Hose
 5′ of -8 Hose
 Mounting Brackets
Fuel Command Center Sump Tank Assembly w/340 L/PH Fuel Pump, Regulator and Pressure Gauge
 Hose and Fittings
 EFI Fuel Filter
Hyperfuel G-Surge Tank Hyperfuel G-Surge Main Assembly
Hy-Fuel In-Tank Module  Hy-Fuel Pump Main Assembly
 58 PSI Fuel Regulator
 Extension Shaft
 Hy-Fuel Outer Ring (Red)
 Hy-Fuel Inner Ring (Black)
 340 L/PH Fuel Pump
 (16) #10-32×1″ Flat Head Machine Screws
 (8) #10-32×1.75″ Flat Head Machine Screws
 (8) #10-32×1.5″ Flat Head Machine Screws
 (8) #10-32 Keps Nuts and #10 Flat Washers
 EFI Grade 5/16″ Hose and (2) Hose Clamps
 (3) Electrical Connectors, Nuts, Washers and Rubber Boots
 OEM Style Filter
 1/4″ Drill Bit
Hy-Fuel Tight-Fit In-Tank Module  Hy-Fuel Pump Main Assembly
 Return Tube
 Foam Gasket
 Hy-Fuel C Ring (Red)
 255 L/PH Fuel Pump
 (6) M5-0.8x25mm Hex Head Machine Screws
 (6) M5-0.8x25mm Countersunk Head Machine Screws
 (6) M5-0.8 Keps Nuts
 EFI Grade 5/16″ Hose and (1) Hose Clamp
 (2) Electrical Connectors, Nuts, Washers and Rubber Boots
 Filter Sock
 (2) Cable Clamps