Fat Man Fabrication 1939-59 Ford Anglia Chassis

FMF 3959 Anglia Frame Roller
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Get the improvement you crave with the precision of perfect and proven geometry in our Ford Anglia Chassis. Fat Man manufactures a complete 1939 -1959 Ford Anglia Chassis with plenty of Upgrade Options to make your Ford Anglia Chassis perform like you want it. We don’t like to brag, but as an Accredited Manufacturer we can supply these Chassis with a Legal VIN Number and a Statement of Origin to help you Title a complete reproduction car. No one else can offer this service.


We found a better way! Our Frames are built using heavy .188 wall rectangular tubing for more strength and lower cost! These are the strongest frames on the market, which is especially important on Fiberglass cars. Our 1939 -1959 Ford Anglia Chassis are ready to fit your body!


The new 1939 – 1959 Ford Anglia Chassis Includes:


  • 46” track IFS with Tubular Steel arms
  • 11” Brakes
  • Manual Rack
  • Engine & transmission mounts installed
  • Pedal Assembly & master cylinder, not mounted
  • NEW Narrowed 9” housing, axles, bearings & seals
  • Rear Pro-link with Ridetech adjustable coilovers


Complete Rolling Chassis Starting at: $10,400.00
Many Upgrade Options available too!



To use your Ford Anglia Chassis properly you will need to build a new floor and rockers to fit your body & frame.